Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Throwing a Bottle on the Potter's Wheel

Today I am showing a YouTube video of me throwing a bottle on the wheel.

In throwing a bottle on the potter's wheel, many challenges can be incurred in the process.  For instance, as seen in the video above, buckling can occur while you are bring the cylinder from being wide to very narrow.  The most important thing when throwing a bottle is to not lose your cool and stay calm.  If you are throwing a bottle and notice that the clay is buckling, slow down the wheel and start a pull at the base of the neck to straighten it back out, using a throwing stick can aid in this.  

Bottles can be some of the most fun and challenging form to throw on the wheel.  In the coming weeks I will be uploading another video showing how I create my signature twisted bottle.

Thanks for reading
-Mark Barta