Sunday, July 14, 2013

Throwing on the Wheel

Blog number two, here we go.  In todays blog I have decided to show some footage of me throwing.  In this video I will be throwing a large bowl that can be both functional and decorative, I hope you enjoy!

In addition to today's video, I have also decided to update my blog more regularly.  With the exception of this Sunday, I will still be showcasing new pieces of work on Sunday's and talking about the form and function, but I will be also now be posting a blog on Tuesday nights showcasing some throwing through a video on Youtube!

Above, is an example of a finished bowl I have made recently.  When making bowls, many conscious decisions have to be made both during the actual throwing and the finishing (glazing).  For example, in the video above, you will notice that much attention is paid towards the rim.  As the rim is the main portion of the bowl that the intended user will touch, it is important for it to be smooth so that it will feel good when the user handles it.  Also, like any piece,  the rim of a bowl is a finishing point for a piece, so it is best to have a good finish point to end the profile.

Another conscious decision that must be made when designing a bowl is the glaze used.  Whether the finished piece is supposed to be for functional or decorative from the potter's eye, one must remember that the buyer of the piece may use it for either.  With that in mind, when glazing the bisque piece, I prefer to use glazes that are non-toxic and labeled dinnerware safe.  This information can usually be located on the glaze bottle itself, if this information is not on the bottle, a quick check to the manufacturer's website usually will reveal this information.  If in doubt, don't use it.

Thanks for reading!
-Mark Barta