Monday, November 25, 2013

New Cone 6 Glaze Combination

This weekend I tried a new cone 6 glaze combination, Amaco's Chun Plum under Amaco's Iron Lustre. The combination came out a little bit different than what I was thinking it would turn out, but I like it. I think it will be a good holiday glaze due to the green and red nature of the glaze. Below are some pictures of an organic platter that was glazed with this combination.

Iron Lustre and Chun Plum

I hope everybody has a great Thanksgiving!

Thanks for reading!

-Mark Barta


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Cone 6 Firing Part 2!

I just recently fired my second round of Cone 6 glazes in my kiln, and this round turned out exceptionally well. This entry is going to mainly focus on pictures of the pieces, if you have any questions about the firing, feel free to leave a comment. All pieces were fired with Amaco's Cone 6 glazes and are a combination of two glazes brushed on top of each other.


Large Tenmoku vase with Seaweed Green on top

Loving this combination!
Base Glaze is Amaco's Tenmoku
Glaze on Top is Amaco's Seaweed Green
Twisted Top Bottle
Twisted Top Bottle
Base Glaze is Amaco's Tenmoku
From Above Angle
Top Glaze is Amaco's Seaweed Green


Small Brown Vase

Round Brown Vase
Base Glaze is Tenmoku
Top Glaze is Light coat of Lustrous Jade
Base Glaze Blue Rutile, top glaze Seaweed Green
Inside of Bowl
Blue Rutile Base, Top Lustrous Jade
Inside of bowl
Thanks for Reading and Looking!
-Mark Barta