Friday, July 24, 2015

Some Recent Finished work

Here are some of my recently finished works that I just photographed. I've been working a great deal lately on my photography and it looks to be paying off!

Amaco's Tenmoku under Seaweed

The above piece is fired to cone 6 and is Laguna's misfire b-Mix clay. The ceramic piece was first dipped in Amaco's Tenmoku, then the piece had Amaco's Potters Choice Seaweed brushed on towards the top. I've really enjoyed this combo, as the below piece was also glazed with this combination.

I also very much enjoy how the Tenmoku accents the sodium silicate texture that was applied when I was throwing this piece of pottery.


Thanks for reading!

- Mark Barta


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Pottery Tea Bowls Galore!

Amaco's Fire Brick Red over Lustrous Jade

So I have been exploring the tea bowl form lately, here are the results! What I love about the tea bowl form is the multiple uses it can be used for. The ceramic piece can be used as a coffee or tea cup, and it also could be used as a small serving bowl. You might also notice that I have finally broken down and bought a professional backdrop. I find that the investment in the backdrop has been worth it though as it has helped generate more sales on my etsy website.

My dry Amaco glazes came in last week, and it has made it a lot easier to glaze. Having the ability to dip the piece in the glaze instead of brushing on the glaze has created better looking glazes in my opinion, as they appear much more uniform.

Vert Lustre over Jade

I have also been experimenting with glaze combinations using Amaco's Lustrous Jade glaze as a base glaze. I have added captions to the pictures of what the glaze painted on top of Jade is, so that if you are looking to repeat any of the combinations you can see what to expect.

Iron Lustre over Jade
Tenmoku over Jade



Mark Barta


Monday, November 25, 2013

New Cone 6 Glaze Combination

This weekend I tried a new cone 6 glaze combination, Amaco's Chun Plum under Amaco's Iron Lustre. The combination came out a little bit different than what I was thinking it would turn out, but I like it. I think it will be a good holiday glaze due to the green and red nature of the glaze. Below are some pictures of an organic platter that was glazed with this combination.

Iron Lustre and Chun Plum

I hope everybody has a great Thanksgiving!

Thanks for reading!

-Mark Barta


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